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We provide clear dementia-friendly signage for care homes and hospitals, which are proven to help reduce confusion, aid daily orientation and boost independence and compliance.

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Living with dementia means coping with a wide range of challenges. By enhancing the environment the quality of life and overall wellbeing of the person can be improved.

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Find Memory Care

Find are committed to making life easier for people living with dementia and for their carers. We aim to inspire people to create environments that enhance dementia care and provide a better quality of life for those living with dementia.

In response to a demand for products and environmental changes to improve the quality of life for those with dementia, Find has developed and manufactured innovative products and environments that have helped to reduce anxiety, increase nutrition and hydration levels and aid exercise and social interaction, bringing many benefits for residents, patients, carers and staff.

Every member of our team is an expert in creating dementia-friendly environments, and are ready to provide you with the advice and support you need to create an environment that aids dementia care.

Doing nothing is no longer an option and Find makes it easy to make positive changes.

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6th November 2020
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5th October 2020

Helping our NHS achieve the outcomes they need.

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7th September 2020
toilet sign

FREE checklist to ensure your signage is dementia-friendly.

Finding our way around new surroundings is nothing unusual for most of us and is something we do not give a second thought. We notice the […]