Pub mural

There will be people in your care facility who went to the pub or a social club regularly as part of their weekly routine and there is no reason this should stop. Clearly alcohol cannot be available all day, but as part of a routine, a pre-dinner drink or Saturday night entertainment, it can help create great opportunities for social interaction.

I do not want to appear sexist in any way, but ladies traditionally would have met more regularly in the café for a catch up. Men however were more likely to meet in the pub. It would have given them the opportunity to talk with likeminded people about sport for example. A traditional pub, with its tap room would have had a pool table and dart board. Dominoes and cards would no doubt have been available too, even chess and draughts. These are all games that people may still enjoy playing and the pub is  the perfect setting. Fun competitions can create social interaction and do not forget there could be fabulous reminiscence memories as a result of this.

There is always a television in the lounge, but rarely used correctly and it is difficult for anyone to watch something properly as there are so many interruptions and distractions. A large TV in the pub can be used for sporting events and films. Organise each week to ensure the fixtures are advertised and adhere to the plan. Make sure everyone is settled with a drink in time for kick off. Use the events for reminiscence opportunities. When a person is engaged, they will be more settled and need less support, making these events more enjoyable for staff too.

The pub is also a fabulous setting for parties and celebrations. Try to plan at least one festivity per month to ensure using the room becomes an integral part of life in the home

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