Shop mural

The mural design is versatile and can be adapted to suit any type of shop. The design can be determined by the location of the home, although some are suitable for anywhere. The Sweet Shop and The Corner Shop are reminiscent for everyone and both extremely popular. The Gift Shop is great for coastal areas. The Hardware Store is great for male interaction. When designing corridors in a care home, Find try to Incorporate shops of interest for all residents. Whichever shop is selected, it needs to be interactive. The market barrow or baskets can be used to display items that residents can take away.

dementis environments- shop

Residents can also make items to be sold in the shops and this is a great activity. Lavender bags are a splendid example of something that could be made and then put on display in a corner shop, a chemist, or a flower shop. Cards can be made and then displayed in the post office, corner shop, flower shop or even on display in the café. 

Fill the shelves with activity items such as arts and crafts, jigsaws, and books that residents can take away. 

Plan the year to include important dates and organise activities to support them. Valentine’s Day could include making cards and red hearts that can be displayed in the shops. Easter is another opportunity for cards, bonnets (ideal for the hat shop), and Waster bunnies. There are many more dates in the diary that could be used as the foundation for activities.

Do not forget 2022 is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and all the shops can be decorated and filled to celebrate the event. Hopefully, this has given you ideas of how to get started. Be creative and you will be rewarded by the results

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