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Creating dementia-friendly environments

How to create dementia-friendly environments?

Is you care environment dementia friendly?

In order to help as many health and care organisations as possible Find has develop a environmental visit that can give guidance on creating  dementia friendly environments.

At Find, we have made it our business to understand the symptoms and challenges of dementia. We put the person at the heart of everything we do which ultimately creates a dementia-friendly environment that works.

Dementia friendly environments made easy 

We understand it can be difficult to know where to start and how to implement change however our no obligation visit can help.

We have audited settings across the UK from Care Homes, Hospitals, Hospices and GP surgery’s.

Our specialist consultants use a unique dementia-friendly toolkit to assess how all aspects of an environment impact on a person living with dementia. 

How to create dementia friendly environments?

Suitable for care homes and hospitals our dementia friendly environmental audit will provide you with a comprehensive insight into creating a dementia-friendly environments.

  • Our consultant will conduct a detailed dementia environmental audit of your premises to assess how the areas are used, what can be done with the space.
  • We will talk to you to get a clear understanding of who will be using the rooms and for what purpose.
  • Following the audit, we will compile a comprehensive quote with visuals detailing the changes that you can make to create a positive and stimulating environment for people living with dementia.
To book a visit, complete the form and one of our advisor will get back to you.

More information on dementia friendly environments can be found at SCIE 

Environmental Visit

Do you want to create a dementia-friendly facility and improve your CQC and PLACE ratings?

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