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Dementia Fiddle Muffs Improves Care

Dementia Fiddle Muffs have proved popular and beneficial in the care of the elderly including those with dementia.

How are Dementia Fiddle Muffs Used?

People become attached to their Fiddle Muff and it’s quite common for them to be given names and even acquire a personality for the user. Soft, warm and irresistibly tactile fabric

Case Study 

Grosvenor Park Care Home raves about Find’s Fiddle Muff stating how the dementia-specific product reduces their residents’ distressed reactions and challenging behaviours.

The residential care home, owned by Four Seasons Health Care Group, is located in Darlington and accommodates adults over 65 who have dementia, physical disabilities, require nursing or personal care.

Grosvenor Park offers a versatile care service, providing each resident with a personal care plan that is regularly updated to any developments.

The home incorporated Find’s  Dementia Fiddle Muff Activity Blanket and they are already over the moon with the benefits they’re experiencing.

Cherry Nicholson, Deputy Manager of Grosvenor Park, said: “The Dementia Fiddle Muff Activity Blankets have gone down tremendously well in our home, especially with the residents living with dementia.”

“The second floor of our home is the residential dementia section, so we’ll place the Activity Blankets over chairs and residents will sit with them on their laps. They just love the texture.”

Find’s Dementia Fiddle Muff Activity Blankets (and original Fiddle Muff’s) are expertly designed to keep hands busy. The soft, warm fabric is irresistibly tactile and made all the more interesting with attractive colours and additional features that keep fingers exercised – relieving tension and restlessness.

Cherry continues: “We’ll sometimes place the original Fiddle Muffs on door handles and residents will grab them when they walk by and interact with them.”

“The Fiddle Muff’s relieve tensions and reduce distressed reactions that cause challenging behaviours.”

Cherry said: “Challenging behaviors, such as being psychically or verbally abusive, only occur when residents are distressed so you must first reduce distressed reactions in order to prevent challenging behaviours.

A full range of Fiddle Muffs along with the Apron and Bud Sensory Cushion can be found here

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