Care Home Dementia Team

Care Home Dementia Team

Find’s Care Home Dementia team is ready to provide you with the advice and support you need to create a dementia-friendly environment. With years of industry knowledge and first-hand experience in creating dementia environments our team can help you improve your CQC ratings and the quality of care for residents with dementia

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Your Care Home Specialist

Rob Windsor-Hey
Business Development Manager

Having been employed in the print industry for many years, Rob started work at Find Memory Care in 2014 working nationwide predominantly with Care Homes. Rob passionately draws from and shares in the enthusiasm of the individual Home Managers, Activity Coordinators and indeed the residents themselves, to create amazing solutions to the many challenges faced on a daily basis.

Anthony Cockcroft

Anthony (Ant) is a successful serial entrepreneur who became CEO of Find Memory Care in 2011. Drawing upon his creative and manufacturing knowledge, Ant has grown the business significantly, creating products and environments that support people living with dementia. “We are not a charity or not for profit organisation, we are an everyday business working hard to create products and environments which not only greatly benefit the users, but the family and care workers tending for them”

Our Customers

Find works with Care Homes across the UK to create dementia-friendly environments and products that can improve any setting. If you would like to find out more we offer a free environmental visit to help you find out what is possible. Find Out More