Dementia Activities

Why are dementia-friendly activities important?

Having a range of dementia activities available to keep a person with dementia entertained and active will help reduce feelings of frustration and aggression and have a number of positive outcomes such as:

• Help them to maintain their independence

• Help to maintain their skills

• Allow them to express their feelings and communicate

• Improve their self-esteem

• Encourage interaction

To get the most from your activities having a varied activities program that includes physical, mental, social, creative, and sensory activities as well as reminiscence will help cater to all residents and encourage involvement.

Stimulating the mind

Recommendations given in the 2011 World Alzheimer’s Report suggest that routinely providing individualized cognitive stimulation to those with mild to moderate stages of dementia can produce short-term improvements and/or reduce the decline in cognitive function.  Some suggested activities are:
·         Puzzles and games

·         Jigsaws

·         Audiobooks / Storytelling

·         Creative activities such as painting or flower arranging…

Encouraging sociability

It is important to encourage a person with dementia to continue to interact with those around them. Doing so has many positive benefits, such as maintaining good physical health, encouraging a healthier outlook, and improved sleep patterns. Popular social activities are:

·         Singing

·         Wine and cheeses evenings

·         Coffee mornings and afternoon teas

·         Knit and natter classes

Keeping active

Keeping a person with dementia active and involved in life can greatly improve their quality of life, reduce agitation and improve sleep and nutrition.

By giving the person a place to walk to, a destination with a purpose, you can encourage activity. This can be done by creating an interactive themed area. Some of the most popular are:

·         Post Office

·         Café

·         Bar

For more information on creating and using a themed area download our guide here


Reminiscing is a great way to find out more about the residents’ such as their likes and dislikes. It helps individuals with dementia to remember events, people and places from their past. It helps to develop positive feelings reducing stress and agitation. Suggested reminiscing ideas are:

·         Memory Boxes

·         Themed rooms

·         Reminiscence images/pictures (Local landmarks, Music/film icons etc)

The above are just a few suggestions the help keep a person with dementia active. Not every resident is the same or has the same capabilities but adapting to the needs of the individual resident is more beneficial than not doing the activity at all.

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