Dementia-friendly environments in care homes

The Care Home environment has an immediate effect on the health and wellbeing of its residents. Creating dementia-friendly environments has several benefits for its residents by maximise independence, enhance self-esteem confidence.


The Dementia Services Development Centre at Stirling University claim that “Getting design right can make a fundamental difference to the lives of people with dementia. It can improve the life experiences and increase the life expectancy of those affected by dementia.”

What makes a good environment

Dementia-friendly environments that aid wayfinding:

Communal areas within a care home are the backbone of the home and should be laid out to make it easy for residents to find their way around the building. It is essential that residents can locate their own private space.

Signage is the most common cue to aid way-finding.

Good dementia-friendly signage will use:

Pictures and words

Bright colours 

More information can be found here.

Dementia-friendly environments that aid orientation

As well as looking at the layout of the home, having orientation cues that aid wayfinding can help residents understand where they are, enable them to navigation to where they
want to be. An environment that makes it difficult for a resident to orientate will limit their ability to perform daily tasks. Colours and lighting play an important part in way-finding. The more light there is the easier residents will find it to orientate within the home.


Creating landmarks that function as uniquely identifiable reference points enhance positive stimulation. To do this use of wall murals, music, and interactive furniture.

Dementia-friendly environments which encourage independence

There are three aspects to toileting:

Finding the toilet

Using the toilet

Keeping safe.

This can be done by using a sharp contrast colour to establish a route to the toilet. 

Environments which encourage good nutrition

Environments which encourage good nutrition: 

Make the dining area as appealing to the senses as possible with familiar sounds

Is your care home dementia-friendly?

We understand it can be difficult to knowing where to start and how to implement environmental changes.  For  maximum benefit of all involved in the process., we offer an Environmental Visit which will provide you with all the recommendations you need.

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