Find is passionate about working with Care Homes across the country to create dementia-friendly environments.

Living with dementia means coping with a range of issues. Enhancing the environment to compensate for deteriorating skills has several benefits for residents and staff and are achievable.

With Find’s recommendations, the environment becomes more enabling for its residents and good CQC ratings can be obtained.

What can change to the environment can achieve?

Find offer a full range of professionally researched and developed products. Our products have been proven to contribute to reducing falls & agitation by up to 70%, and distress by up to 60%. Incontinence episodes reduced by up to 50% (statistics from DSDC).

Offering a choice of spaces encourages movement and gives people a sense of achievement, enjoyment and improves levels of hydration and nutrition. In addition to this sleep patterns are improved, and anxiety reduced.

Doing nothing is no longer an option. Find makes it easy to make positive changes.

How does changing the environment benefit you?

There are a number of additional positive outcomes for Care Homes when they implement a dementia-friendly environment, for example,

A cost-saving due to a reduction in drug and medication use

A cost-saving due to improved continence (staff time savings, laundry, incontinence products)

Fewer violent incidents and more patient independence resulting in improved staff morale, less absence and better attrition