Kerry Lyons Complex Care Matron at the Royal Bolton Hospital is working with Find Memory Care to create a welcoming dementia-friendly environment.
The new look dementia-friendly areas are designed to aid treatment and increase mobility. Providing a calming atmosphere that helps to reduce agitation and increase interaction.

Kerry has already received some great feedback since the opening by Tommy Whitelaw last month. Kerry commented “We wanted to create an area that would make the patients feel safe, encourage interaction and help them feel more relaxed within the hospital environment. Now we have finished the project we couldn’t be more pleased with the impact. The patients are moving away from the bed area. Now using the communal dining areas to sit and engage with one another. The area has also provided us with a calming environment to hold our seven-day activity program and one to one enhanced care.”

The Changes.

The new look areas consist of two communal rooms and two multifunctional rooms. Both of the communal rooms offer a café atmosphere where patients can drink, talk and play games away from the ward environment.
The two multifunctional rooms have created a quiet space where patients and visitors can go for quiet reflection.

These rooms also convert into carer overnight rooms when required. The rooms have been transformed with the use of dementia-friendly wall murals and lighting mood panels. Creating a relaxed atmosphere that stimulates conversation and encourages social interaction.

Communal-Rooms dementia nh

Karen Clayton from Find Memory Care commented “The project has helped transform a previously empty space into a welcoming environment. An environment with just the right amount of stimulation for patients living with dementia or other cognitive problems. Hospital environments can be distressing and frightening for people living with dementia. Working on projects like Bolton has created a number of positive outcomes for both the patients and hospital staff.”

Other wards across the Royal Bolton Hospital are now looking at ways to improve their environment based on the success of Kerry’s department.

Find has helped hundreds of care facilities achieve remarkable improvements to environments, assisting them in overcoming difficulties and improving quality of life for patients.

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