The Bradford Royal Infirmary A&E Department has been working hard to make a difference when it comes to dementia care and the environment.
Understanding that a person with dementia may struggle to manage all of the challenges associated with a strange environment, Bradford A&E has introduced a designated dementia friendly cubicle allowing for a person with dementia or similar cognitive impairment to be assessed in a calming environment immediately on arrival at the hospital.

Working with Find’s NHS Dementia specialist Karen Clayton, the team at Bradford, led by Shane Embleton Head of Capital Projects and Development have introduced a number of key improvements to the bay such as:

  • Dimmable LED lighting Panels with moving clouds to help manage lighting levels and lower anxiety in people living with dementia

Bradford A and E


  • Clear signage to aid orientation, detailing who is looking after them, where they are, along with the date, the time and what the weather outside is like.

Bradford A&E SIGN


• Coloured Door-Cals to aid wayfinding by making doors easy to identify.

Bradford A&E


As well as the above enhancements, it was decided that clinical equipment be removed from the walls (such as monitors, examination lamps and medical gas terminals) and only brought in when required to reduce anxiety. The space is big enough to accommodate space for a relative or carer to sit in comfort with a patient throughout their stay in A&E

Hospitals can be disorientating and frightening for someone with dementia especially in an emergency situation and the team at Bradford have certainly gone a long way to do what they can for their patients when admitted to A&E.

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