11th May 2022

Dementia friendly environment at Dane Garth

3rd September 2021

Dementia friendly signage and wayfinding in healthcare settings

The hospital setting can be disorienting at the best of time but when someone has dementia this can be magnified tenfold. According to NHS.uk more than […]
5th February 2021

What happens when familiar surroundings become hard to recognise

There are an estimated 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK, the majority of these are over the age of 65 and living with other […]
17th December 2020

How activities can help reduce length of stay & improve well being for patients in acute hospital settings

Engagement in healthcare settings should always be a key factor in ensuring the overall wellbeing of patients and residents, but for people living with dementia, both […]
4th December 2020

Keeping residents entertained

During the early stage of dementia long-term memories are unaffected and by focusing on those memories that are easy to recall you can help keep the […]
6th November 2020

Dementia inclusive – an environment for everyone

Dementia alone affects 46 million people worldwide, a number likely to grow further as life expectancy continues to increase.Β  The need for us to improve products […]
5th October 2020

Helping our NHS achieve the outcomes they need.

There are a lot of things that we do to make sure our business will grow. But for the team at Find, the most important things […]
7th September 2020

FREE checklist to ensure your signage is dementia-friendly.

Finding our way around new surroundings is nothing unusual for most of us and is something we do not give a second thought. We notice the […]
18th August 2020

Is your hospital dementia friendly?

Poorly designed hospital environments that are hard to navigate can affect large numbers of people including patients, their family members, and put unnecessary work on the […]