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Dementia Friendly Door Cal’s, Choosing the Right One

door cal with mural

Dementia friendly Door Cal’s aid navigation and reduce anxiety in dementia care environments. Even those of us without cognitive impairment can get lost and confused when each hallway looks the same and each bedroom door (and all the other doors) leading off it looks the same. So, what’s the solution? by using dementia friendly Door […]

FREE Dementia Environment Audit

Did you know that Find Memory Care offer a free dementia environment audit? Our dementia environment audit service offers advice and guidance on how to make your care facility dementia friendly. Dementia Environmental Audit: How does it work? Suitable for care homes and hospitals. Our dementia environmental audit will provide you with a comprehensive insight […]

Mural’s create a dementia friendly environment


Dementia and the environment Before we talk about using murals to create a dementia friendly environment it is important to understand the effects the environment can have. Dementia is not a normal part of aging. It includes the loss of cognitive functioning, thinking, remembering, learning, and reasoning and behavioural abilities to the extent that it […]

Not all “Dementia Murals” Work

dementia mural

Are all Murals Dementia friendly? For many years there has been mixed feelings on the use of murals in dementia care settings, as some people feel they create false realities. As a provider of dementia murals, you may be surprised that we do not totally disagree with this statement. We provide dementia murals to care […]

The White Ghost Group are Moving

During the past 25 years we have delivered some truly memorable and often incredible projects from our home in Burley Road in Leeds. But as ever in life, things change and the team at the White Ghost Group are always looking to improve our service and product supply to our valued customers. That’s why we […]

Dementia and Bathroom Accidents

Find Signage: Dementia Signs

Minimalising Bathroom Accidents Minimalising Bathroom Accidents can reduce stress and agitation. We take finding the toilet for granted yet we’ve all experienced the stress and anxiety of needing the toilet and not being able to locate one. When dementia is involved, the frustrations are multiplied many times over. With raised agitation, anxiety, stress and depression […]

Dementia Vinyl Works as a Deterrent.

Residents in care homes are often frail and elderly and may suffer from neurological impairments such as dementia, resulting in them being unable to recognise the risk of harm associated with accessing unsafe and unfamiliar external areas. To assist staff in restricting access to potentially unsafe areas, such as exit doors, Find has produced light […]

Television in Care Homes

Television in Care homes how can this help with challenging behaviour? Did you know that 90% of challenging behaviour is caused by the environment and people?  (E.Bawley) Find’s team are often asked for help in enhancing various rooms and corridors in care homes and to make them more dementia-friendly, engaging and socially interactive.  It’s what […]

Dementia Friendly Activities

Why are dementia-friendly activities important? People living with dementia have unique needs when it comes to their care and quality of life. As a caregiver, it’s important to understand the importance of providing meaningful activities that are tailored to each patient/resident. That’s why we’ve put together this guide – to help you find creative activities […]

Dementia Friendly Care Environments

Dementia Care Environment

For many care professionals, creating a Dementia-friendly environment for their patients is both a challenge and an opportunity. Creating the right environment can help to improve the quality of life of people with dementia, reduce symptoms of confusion and agitation, and provide them with the best possible care. In this blog post, we will discuss […]

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