25th November 2019

Using doll therapy to enhance the well-being of a person with dementia

The use of dolls to ease anxiety has become more popular in care facilities throughout the UK, especially for those caring for people in the mid […]
18th November 2019

Why are dementia-friendly clocks important?

People with dementia often lose the ability to recognize what time it is and whether it’s day or night.
11th November 2019

The power of a jigsaw- dementia-friendly activities

Coming up with an activity that is fun and purposeful is often more difficult than it seems.  But for a person with dementia participating in activities […]
4th November 2019

Dementia-friendly hallways and entrances

Even those of us without cognitive impairment can get lost and confused when each hallway looks the same and each bedroom door (and all of the […]
28th October 2019

Using Murals to Enhance a Dementia Care Setting

Is the use of murals in a care home a positive thing?  “If you follow certain guidelines, they can have a number of positive benefits for […]
21st October 2019

Dementia Murals are More Than Just Wall Art

Murals can offer a cost-effective way to introduce interesting areas in the care environment.  Area’s that can help to reduce agitation and aggression, reduce the need […]
14th October 2019

Creating dementia-friendly environments using murals

Hengoed Care in South Wales introduced several changes including murals to enhance the dementia environment for its residents. Set in the beautiful Welsh hills, Hengoed Care […]
9th October 2019

Why Find signage works in a dementia care environment

Signs are a wayfinding aid and when designed and used correctly, will enable a person to maintain their independence and to locate a particular room quickly […]
7th October 2019

Using visual dementia-friendly cues around the home

Even a home in which a person has lived for many years can become a strange and confusing place for a person with dementia.


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