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Living at Home With Dementia

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Living at Home when you have Dementia Dementia and Memory Loss The speed of change varies greatly. Changes in behaviour may be caused by memory loss resulting in increased agitation and anxiety. These changes are often incorrectly identified as a symptom of the dementia.  If the reason for the change can be identified, small adjustments […]

Dementia Signage Checklist

FREE Dementia Signage Checklist

Finding our way around new surroundings is nothing unusual for most of us. It is something we do not give a second thought to. We notice the difference between different rooms and corridors. We use signage to get from A to B and back again. For people living with dementia, impaired memory, disorientation, and difficulty […]

Nutrition and Hydration For People With Dementia

For elderly people in care settings, especially for those living with dementia, good nutrition and hydration is essential for overall well-being and to help fight infection and illness . Good eating habits for many of us form part of our daily routine.  However, as we age several things change that can have an impact on […]

Relieving Pressure on Care Staff

Relieving Pressure on Care Staff – Creating a dementia friendly environment Relieving Pressure on Care Staff pressure is certainly a priority at Find.  Whilst we cannot offer a “physical” additional pair of hands, we can certainly make suggestions regarding the environment that could promote more independence for many, giving staff time to focus on supporting […]

Wayfinding Increases Independence

Wayfinding Increases Independence – Why is this important Care homes and hospitals are often especially difficult for wayfinding, with long, non-distinctive hallways, poor signage and a multitude of different routes. This can cause anxiety, distress, and ultimately a decrease in independence and confidence for individuals living with dementia. Ideally, wayfinding should be a main part […]

The True Value of a Memory Box

I often get enquiries about our memory boxes, but on occasion people ask whether they come pre-populated, which seems like a very bizarre question. As there seems to be some confusion over how to use them, I thought it’s worth explaining their purpose and just how invaluable they can be when used correctly. The True […]

Therapy Dolls- Dementia Care

dementia at home

The use of Therapy Dolls to ease anxiety has become more popular in care facilities throughout the UK, especially for those caring for people in the mid to later stage of dementia.

The Power of a Jigsaw -Dementia Activities

A Jigsaw can help if you are struggling to find an activity that is fun and purposeful.  But for a person with dementia participating in activities that help to stimulate cognitive functions is essential for health and wellbeing. By incorporating jigsaws into your activity program improved communication and social interaction can be achieved.  This, in […]

Dementia Friendly Hallways

Creating Dementia Friendly Hallways is essential in care facilities.  Even those of us without cognitive impairment can get lost and confused when each hallway looks the same and each bedroom door (and all of the other doors) leading off of it looks the same.

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