21st October 2019
Dementia Murals

Dementia Murals are More Than Just Wall Art

Murals can offer a cost-effective way to introduce interesting areas in the care environment.  Area’s that can help to reduce agitation and aggression, reduce the need […]
14th October 2019

Creating dementia-friendly environments using murals

Hengoed Care in South Wales introduced several changes including murals to enhance the dementia environment for its residents. Set in the beautiful Welsh hills, Hengoed Care […]
9th October 2019
toilet sign

Why Find signage works in a dementia care environment

Signs are a wayfinding aid and when designed and used correctly, will enable a person to maintain their independence and to locate a particular room quickly […]
7th October 2019
Toilet dementia sign

Well designed and well-placed dementia signs support independence

We fail to appreciate how significant signage is in our everyday lives. It allows us to interpret, understand and manage both new and familiar environments.
1st October 2019
Wayfinding dementia

Wayfinding and Dementia Care

Wayfinding is a process where people interpret information from the environment to reach the desired destination. For a person with dementia, the use of Wayfinding cues […]
27th August 2019

Reducing fire risks in care homes and hospital’s

Understandably fire safety in the U.K. is under a great amount of scrutiny at present. As a result, we are receiving an increasing amount of questions […]
27th August 2019

Identifying Fire Safe Material’s

According to the European fire test and classification system, internal fire spread within a care home is influenced by ‘internal linings’ used in the building.
27th August 2019
Toilet dementia sign

Find’s dementia-friendly toilet strategy

People with dementia can experience difficulties with using the toilet, in some cases, this is because of a medical condition which may be treatable but in […]
27th August 2019
photo wall murals

Local photography aids wayfinding

Hospital environments. assisted living, and care homes are often especially difficult for wayfinding.  When a person with dementia moves into a care home or has a […]