Murals help create a choice of defined areas to help identify the purpose of the space

Murals are about so much more than just the design. Each individual mural section includes content explaining why it works, the furnishings required for optimum benefit and very importantly, we give you a range of great activity ideas.

When going into a café, you would expect to get a drink and the choice of a snack

When going to a shop, you would expect goods to be available

When going to the pub, you would expect your favourite tipple, likeminded company and even a pub game and music

Our murals are usually bespoke and designed to fit spaces exactly, in colour schemes to suit the environment. We are happy to arrange an environmental visit if you are looking to make best use of your environment and we will help you to create meaningful journeys to be enjoyed by everyone. Alternatively for small areas, send us photographs and measurements and we will design something for you.

If you would an environmental visit please