Even those of us without cognitive impairment can get lost and confused when each hallway looks the same and each bedroom door (and all of the other doors) leading off of it looks the same.

By using Door cal’s each door or area can be made to look unique and creates an easily recognizable entrance.

What are the benefits of using door-cals ?

With such a simple addition to your care facility, a number of positive outcomes can be achieved such as

  • Door-cals can be truly enabling for anyone having difficulty in confidently recognising their own door or that of their appointment.
Bradford A&E dementia environments

A&E Bradford

  • They also help reduce or prevent incidences of people entering the wrong room in error
dementia corridor

Care Home Corridor

How to use door cals

Door cals transform a plain, flat, internal door to create the appearance of the distinctive entrance to someone’s home.

 If you have multiple wings or corridors in your care facility, you could consider giving each wing/corridor its own colour palette.

Within each wing, you can assist your residents/ patients further by using variations in colour (e.g., a medium blue, a medium green, a light blue, a light green, and then repeat again)

Door cals are a low cost, fast-turnaround way to introduce differentiation into a corridor where all doors previously looked the same, To find out more click here

Using wall mural in this way can also help create a focal point to aid orientation. For more information on using murals read our mural blog here

Corridor dementia mural