Murals can offer a cost-effective way to introduce interesting areas in the care environment.  Area’s that can help to reduce agitation and aggression, reduce the need for antipsychotic drugs and improve overall well being and quality of life for people living with dementia.

Does it really matter what you put on the wall?

There is a lot of conflicting views on the use of murals in the dementia environment. The important thing to remember is that everyone is different and every day can be different for a person with dementia.

As the environment directly affects the behaviours of someone with dementia, any changes you make must not cause bewilderment, must not be overstimulating and above all, must not create a false reality, as this can be highly detrimental and do more harm than good.

If used correctly Mural’s can help create an environment that encourages interaction and communication. An environment that is not sterile or bland but creates a sense of purpose for those who use it.

The benefits of using Murals

There are a number of benefits to introducing Murals into the care setting such as:-

Improvement in Wayfinding: By replacing plain walls in corridors, wards and communal rooms with wall murals you can create a recognisable landmark to help a person with dementia locate key areas and find their way around.

Creating a Sense of Purpose: Creating a market space with a shop, a post office or both gives the person a purpose for their walking.

Improved Nutrition: Dining areas that are designed to look like cafes/restaurants create a social dining experience promoting better appetites and empty plates.

The important thing to remember is that murals work best when they are relevant to the people who will see them, they should be used to help set a scene. They must have real, interactive elements to them, for example, if the mural is of a Post Office or a Cafe, there should be somewhere to post a letter or have a cup of coffee.

Here at Find, we have worked with care facilities across the UK to create areas within the care environment that work, and are not detrimental to the residents or patients that use them.

We advise you to talk to us if you are thinking of using Murals in the care environment and we can help you to create an area that will work for residents, patients and staff.

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