According to the European fire test and classification system, internal fire spread within a care home is influenced by ‘internal linings’ used in the building.

The key properties of these materials influencing fire spread are:

  • Ease of ignition
  • Rate at which the material gives off heat when burning, aiding the spread of fire

Performance standards require internal lining materials not to promote the spread of flames nor contribute significant heat release.

Fire spread performance of materials can be assessed to British Standards or the more rigorous European classification which also includes assessment of the production of smoke and flaming droplets.

Recommended performance standards for internal linings to walls and ceilings based on British and European Standards for the majority of buildings should exhibit a Class 1 surface spread of flame (Euro class C) where it forms part of a circulation or protected route it should have a Class 0 (Euro class B) rating.

At Find we take this very seriously, so wherever possible we aim to manufacture our products with materials that have been tested to Class 1 or Class 0 or their equivalent. We also test the materials ourselves for a visual reference of the behaviour of the material when subject to a direct heat source.

Please take a look at the short video below as an illustration of the difference between two common materials found in Care Home environments.


The first is a material we use for our Reminiscence Pictures and other Find products and you will see it doesn’t independently support burning at all.

The second is a widely used picture frame material, alarmingly often present in Care Home corridors:

Find products carrying the Fire Rated symbol are manufactured with materials that are formally classified  as Class 1 or Class 0 or the European equivalent. For example our Murals and Door Cal products are entirely produced with Class 0 rated materials.

For more information, please feel free to contact us or alternatively, get in touch with your local fire service.

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