During the early stage of dementia long-term memories are unaffected and by focusing on those memories that are easy to recall you can help keep the brain active and encourage engagement.

Reminiscence therapy works best when done in a stress-free environment. Here are some suggestions to help.

  • Use stimuli

For instance, cooking a favourite dish that they used to enjoy can put them in a good mood, and help them recall memories associated with that dish.

  • Music is powerful

Music is especially effective at unlocking memories because of the way the brain works.

  • Create a memory box

Consider collecting items that meant a lot to them, like a baby’s bib or a photograph, and creating their own ‘memory box’.

As well as helping residents to reminisce, activities should form a core part of the care plans for your residents, and there is an enormous amount that you can do, from music and quizzes to arts and crafts. Here are some ideas to get you started

  • Group sing-alongs

Pick ones that will resonate most with your residents

  • Jigsaws

Jigsaws can make an ideal small group activity, they’re perfect for between two and four people

  • Board games

Board games specifically designed for people with dementia can be a great conversation starter

  • Sensory Activities

Sensory products can help keep restless hands busy

Activity Kits
Entertaining lots of residents with different interests and needs is no easy task. If you’re struggling to find activities everyone will enjoy, make sure you take a look at our range of activities.