Hospital environments. assisted living, and care homes are often especially difficult for wayfinding.  When a person with dementia moves into a care home or has a long hospital stay they often struggle to make sense of their environment due to , non-distinctive hallways and poorly differentiated routes.
Wayfinding problems can often cause anxiety and distress in persons with dementia. Visual cues for this reason are extremely important to a person with dementia to enable them to find their way more easily.

How to support successful wayfinding for people with dementia

Disorientation as a result of internal design features can be improved by:

  • Introducing environmental cues
  • Make spaces meaningful and memorable

Find has found that by using local photography not only are visual cue’s created, but also a link to familiar surroundings. 

wall mural

Wall murals that feature local landmarks offer an excellent and cost efficient way to create different spaces for different needs with easily recognisable images. 

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