Mother’s Day

For those living with dementia, the main issue they face is recalling memories. This alone can cause disorientation and confusion and unfortunately, this has a ripple effect on loved ones as they start to feel forgotten. With Mother’s Day around the corner, this is the perfect time for reminiscing the good old younger days.

Seasonal orientation can really help those living with dementia recognise dates and times, and celebrating annual traditions can offer some fabulous opportunities for social interaction. Decorating eggs and eating lots of chocolate at Easter or fishing through old baby photos and picking the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day, recall happy memories and help reduce anxiety.

Although traditional celebrations may need to be tweaked slightly, simple activities such as flower arranging can help older people retain long-term memories. It is proven that activities not only encourage interaction but they also stimulate conversation and improve overall well-being.

Creating themed areas, permanently or temporarily, can provide your residents and patients with a choice of where to go and a place to celebrate occasions. Murals are the perfect addition to any care environment, they can create cafes, pubs, local parks and even a Post Office! If you’re space is limited, you can transform a room in seconds with roller murals, a click of a button can change an ordinary wall into a church on Sundays or a flower shop with flower pots – the possibilities are endless!

Mother’s Day is the perfect day for arts and crafts, afternoon tea and flower arranging and Find have all the tools you need to create a dementia-friendly, interactive and colourful environment which can not only improve the lives of your residents and patients, but your compliance too!