Quality and service guaranteed

This charter outlines our service commitment to you and how you can help us to provide you with a quality service.

Our services include:

·         Selling and guidance of dementia-friendly products

·         Providing artwork for approval

·         Professional advice in creating dementia-friendly environments

·         Installation of artwork and 3D Furniture

·         Delivery of purchased products

Our customers are important to us and you can expect:

·         Letters answered within 7 days

·         Emails acknowledged within 3 days

·         The telephone answered  quickly, within 5 rings if possible

·         Prompt, courteous service

·         Helpful well-trained staff who will treat you with respect, confidentiality and in a culturally appropriate manner

·         Respect for your privacy at all times

Help us to help you by

·         Tell us if you have trouble using our products and services

·         Provide the information we need to help resolve your challenge

If you have a question for us or are unhappy with any aspect of our service, please contact our customer service team on 0113 230 2046 Alternatively, you can email our team at sales@findmemorycare.co.uk