Our sister company Cutting Edge, has been working hard to support the NHS during this difficult time and have designed and produced reusable protective visors!

The visors are approved by the Head of Health and Safety for the NHS and conform with EN 166.
They are reusable and come with a cleaning guide –  produced by head of health, safety and risk management at South London hospital.
They are comfortable, perfectly see through, anti fog, no blur, can be worn with spectacles and all materials can be 100% recycled.

Currently, visors need to be worn and replaced each time they come in to contact with someone new and disposable ones can cost over £3 per unit.
Our visors are being manufactured at cost and assembled out of kindness by volunteers. This means the cost savings are passed on in full, reducing costs by 50p per unit and because they can be sterilised they can be reused over 50 times making the cost less than 5p per use!


The face shield covers above the forehead
Measures: 285mm x 210mm
Produced from: 0.5mm PETG and PET 0.75mm polypropene which is heavy duty, but remains comfortable to wear.

For more information you can download our FREE visor information booklet

If you, your organisation or someone you know may benefit from reusable visors or have any questions then please get in touch on the contact information below:
Phone: 0113 224 2086


COVID-19 Reusable Full Facial Shields User Disclaimer:
The product is approved by Head of Health and Safety for the NHS and conform with EN 166.
The visors provided are a revised open source design manufactured in a factory workshop. While all necessary steps are taken in the manufacture and assemble of these items to prevent cross contamination from manufacturer to user this cannot be guaranteed.

The shield should be used in conjunction with normal rigorous hygiene control measures and cleaned properly before use.
These visors are intended to be used as a safeguard in addition to official PPE.
By using this equipment, you are acknowledging the above and agreeing to this disclaimer, any use of any part of the visors outside these guidelines are at the users own risk.