Creating familiarity for people with dementia in a hospital environment

Familiarity is extremely important in dementia care. While the brain of a healthy adult can process changes and alteration to routine fairly easily, it can become extremely distressing and disorientating for an adult with dementia.

Getting to know the person and their personality and not just dementia can dramatically reduce anxiety and frustrations which in turn will aid treatment.

Reminiscence Work

Having areas away from the ward where reminiscence work can take place relaxes patients. Introducing REM Trolleys or Memory Boxes with photos and objects that the person will respond to can encourage interaction. More information on activities can be found here

Getting to know the person not the dementia

Personalising bed areas with familiar objects, clothing, life story books, images on the wall or photographs which are clearly visible can be helpful.

It is also important that hospital staff is aware of the person’s dementia as it may affect the type or nature of the medical treatment they receive. By introducing a “This is me” frame next to the bedside important information about the patient can be displayed. This will enable staff to engage with the person having the most essential facts to hand.

Display information such as:

  • The name they like to be called
  • Information about their normal routines, for example, do they need support washing, dressing, eating or, going to the toilet
  • The best way to communicate with them
  • If the person gets agitated what calms them
Is your hospital dementia-friendly?

We understand it can be difficult to know where to start and how to implement environmental changes for the maximum benefit of all involved in the process that is why we offer an Environmental Visit which will provide you with all the recommendations you need.

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