Activities for people with dementia are still important in a hospital environment

A person with dementia can become anxious when faced with the comings and goings of a hospital environment; this, in turn, can hinder assessments and treatment.

People with dementia in the hospital may at times require support to reduce distress and/ or to provide stimulation.

By creating areas, where activities can be undertaken alongside their carers, will help minimise anxiety.

Activities can be encouraged by: Creating places to walk.

Converting rooms, cubicles or corners of the ward where patients can go to with their carers creates a quiet place away from the bed area where patients can relax.

These areas created through the use of murals and interactive furniture can encourage a patient to relax, eat and drink more, in a less clinical environment.
A popular area to create is the “Memory Café” this gives the patients, carers and visitor’s an area to walk to away from the ward, to sit and talk and have a cup of tea.

These areas have also been used for assessments, for quiet time and/or distraction therapy.

Is your hospital dementia-friendly?

We understand it can be difficult to know where to start and how to implement environmental changes for the maximum benefit of all involved in the process that is why we offer an Environmental Visit which will provide you with all the recommendations you need.

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