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Artificial Flower Display


Creating an eye-catching and interactive experience in your care setting  & help reduce agitation and aggression.

Introducing a new and eye-catching decorative element into your care facility can be made easy when using artificial flowers. Nowadays, the quality of artificial flowers is so good they look just like the real thing, they are easy to care for and better still, they last forever.

The flower display includes three flower planters, complete with a selection of beautiful artificial flowers.

Team the flowers with Find’s Flower shop mural and you can create an interactive experience that encourages exercise and communication.

Please note the flowers you receive will vary from the picture shown


Why have an Artificial Flower Display in a Care Facility?

When space is at a premium the Artificial Flower Display is versatile enough to be used in different areas of the building. After all, the immediate surroundings can significantly impact on residents’ quality of life. As an illustration, by providing an  environment which helps to promote meaningful interaction and purposeful activities between residents and staff. Find have found that they are happier, less bored, and more likely to interact with other people. Equally, an unpleasant environment can cause anxiety and stress.

Altogether,  we have proven that providing meaningful destination points such as cafes and shops can result in reduced anxiety, increased levels of nutrition and hydration, higher levels of exercise and improved social interaction.

For many people, shopping is part of their weekly, if not daily routine. However, in long term care, this activity is suddenly removed. Every care facility will have residents/patients who are often walking around looking for somewhere or someone. There are many reasons why a person may walk around. This may include boredom, agitation, searching for someone or somewhere or even as a reaction to dealing with pain

To provide an area of interest the Artificial Flower Display creates a therapeutic shopping experience providing a point of interest that encourages residents and patients to visit. This, in turn, reduced stress levels and improves sleep patterns.

Team the flowers with Find’s Flower shop mural and you can create an interactive experience that encourages exercise and communication.

  • 3 flower planters
  • Selection of flowers (flowers will vary from the picture shown)
  • Size: 750mm (w)
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Providing the opportunity to continue shopping benefits residents by giving them a sense of purpose, achievement, and enjoyment.
  • Exercise leads to improved appetite and sleep patterns.
  • Reduces stress and improved communication.

Living with dementia means coping with a range of issues which Find understand. We constantly strive to develop new and innovative interactive dementia furniture.

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Weight 5.5 kg
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