Bedroom Sign - Two Sharing


Find Interchangeable Bedroom Sign for rooms shared by two.

  • Standard – 12mm signage designed for care homes

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Designed for easy personalisation where two people are sharing a room.

  • Clear and easy to understand.
  • Multi-sensory recognition – pictorial, touch, colour
  • Designed specifically to cater for the 7 key cognitive factors that typically influence people with dementia
  • Anti-bacterial, fire rated materials suitable for all situations
  • Non -reflective
  • Interchangeable windows for easy personalisation
  • Available in 4 standard colours – alternative colours are available on request and at no charge.

The over-riding benefit of effective signage is that people can find their way around an unfamiliar environment with reduced difficulty, stress and anxiety. This is of special relevance when someone has dementia or other conditions that affect cognitive and visual capabilities.

This Find design allows for the details of two people sharing a room to be displayed.

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