Bovril Dementia Jigsaw


Bovril Dementia Jigsaw Puzzle

Bovril is the trademarked name of a thick and salty meat extract paste similar to a yeast extract, developed in the 1870s by John Lawson Johnston. Showcased in the distinctive, bulbous jar for easy recognition. This hot and steamy drink has been popular with us Brits for years.

Agitation and restlessness are common in a person with dementia. Jigsaws can help calm someone with dementia and give them a sense of purpose.

Although Jigsaw puzzles are a fantastic activity for people with dementia many mainstream puzzles have complicated pictures and too many pieces.

Find’s Bovril Dementia Jigsaw has been specifically designed with just 16 pieces and feature pictures that will stimulate conversation and encourage reminiscence


Stimulate beneficial brain activity
Helps maintain efficiency and capacity
Encourage interaction
Reminiscence prompt


3mm die-cut PVC
Large pieces
Image printed on the base as a guide
A frame makes the jigsaw easier to assemble

Packed in a resealable sleeve that will protect and retain the pieces

Size: 16.5” x 11.75”

Weight: 500g

VAT Relief Eligible – No

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