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Bus Stop Dementia Mural



Why a Bus Stop Mural ?  What destination could be more recognisable than a bus stop?

Case studies have shown that it is easier to have a conversation with someone sitting at the bus stop than in a lounge surrounded by others. This is in part due to the culture of care where a member of staff will stand, kneel, or crouch in front of a person, usually in a uniform, and can be seen as a figure in authority rather than someone simply wanting a chat. At a bus stop, side by side, you become two people waiting for a bus and instinct is to chat.

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Bus Stop Mural Dementia Mural 

The Bus Stop Mural helps people in  early-stage dementia, share personal stories of day trips out. Favourite places to visit or why they used the bus in younger years. Even if a person cannot communicate verbally, they may still have fabulous memories that spending time at the bus stop may bring forward.

Five minutes of positive interaction with someone can help a person remain calm and content for several hours. Sitting at a Bus Stop may help.


A Bus Stop Mural is a powerful and effective way to enhance a dementia friendly environment. Not only does it sets a scene but also adds an  interactive element.

How to Use Our Bus Stop Mural:

Ensuring the space is fully recognisable and safe to us, a Bus Stop Canopy and Bus Stop Sign and Post a sign are visible along corridors.  Although we do not supply this, seating should also be available.

We recommend a be-spoke dementia wallpaper on the opposite wall and suggest picture of a town centre or somewhere locally recognisable. It is a great conversational topic and creates appropriate levels of stimulation. To create a person-centred activity, photographs or a book about your town’s history or area can also be placed on a small table next to the seating.


  • Smooth, washable finish
  • Anti-microbial additive helps prevent fungal and bacterial growth.
  • Fire rated
  • Each drop is 533mm
  • Fits wall height between 2250 and 2400mm
  • To reduce unpleasant smells, staining and inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, additives have been added to our printed wallpapers.

Eligible for vat relief – No

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