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Bus Stop Sign and Post


Our bus stop sign is highly visible and recognisable and is recommended for use with our  Bus Stop Murals in seating areas where a chair or bench can be added.

By creating a meaningful destination within a seating area you can open up opportunities for social interaction and engagement.



Why Us a Bus Stop Sign and Post?

A Bus Stop Sign and Post can be extremely useful in a dementia care setting. All Find’s furniture and accessories are fully recognisable and safe to use. The Bus Stop Sign and Post are extremely visible along corridors and create a destination point.

Bus Stop – Case Studies

Unfortunately, staff members who are dressed uniform and who stand, kneel, or crouch in front of a person, are often seen as an authority figures. Sadly, this may cause a resident or patient withdraw.

Case studies have shown that conversation is made easier when two people sit side by side at a Bus Stop waiting for a bus, as they will instinctively chat.

Meeting emotional needs…

  • For those out on a walk, a Bus Stop is an ideal place to rest. In turn, reducing falls.
  • Others, who are pacing, may be unable to communicate their pain, hunger, or thirst. Sitting down at the Bus Stop will enable a carer to have a conversation and discover the residents’ unmet needs.
  • Agitated and distressed people may be looking for someone, something or somewhere. Depending on their level of dementia and memory loss, their physical search may not be successful. Such as looking for a parent or going home to cook tea.
  • Simply telling someone to return to their chair, does not reassure or address their concerns and will cause further distress. Not only for them, but for others around them.
  • By using the art of distraction and my making a person feel safe, safe, loved and reassuring their emotional needs can be met.
  • Five minutes of positive interaction can help a person remain calm and content for several hours.
  • A person with early-stage dementia, may be able to share personal stories of day trips, favourite places to visit or why they used the bus in younger years. If a person is unable to communicate verbally, they may still have fabulous memories. Spending time at the Bus Stop may help them to bring this forward.


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