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Designed specifically for the care environment and people living with dementia, Find’s Calendar Clock can be found in care facilities across the UK. Each clock is supplied individually boxed, set up and working.

The clock is neat and uncomplicated. The uncluttered design makes it easier to understand and the traditional clock face makes it instantly familiar.


  • Clear and easy to read – 432 x 432 x 100mm
  • Helps orientate users with the time, day, date, and month
  • Year is not displayed the year, as this may cause confusion for some users
  • Complies with CQC recommendations
  • 12 month guarantee
  • Supplied with  3 x AA Batteries


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Calendar Clock

Find’s Calendar Clock is designed for dementia care settings and has proved particularly valuable in Hospital environments and places with large open area’s.

Many flip over clocks are too small and have confusing layouts. At 17×17″ the large, uncluttered and logical, display of Find’s Calendar Clock makes it easy to locate, read and understand. Furthermore, it has a clear analogue face, bold, high-contrast flip-over calendar and contrasting background. Crucially, the clock does not display the year

People who live with dementia, the elderly or visual impaired often lose the ability to recognize what time it is. Or, whether it is day or night. As dementia progresses, routine and structure is imperative to everyday life.  And so, without these time-telling skills, we can quickly become disorientated, anxious and confused.


  • Helps to ease confusion
  • Helps differentiate the different parts of the day
  • Helps with telling the time
  • Keeps routines on track
  • Reduces anxiety and agitation
  • Aids independence
  • Provides a regular routine
  • Doesn’t display the year

As dementia progresses so does a person’s memory and problem-solving abilities. A dementia Calendar Clock can help keep routines on track and which can reduce anxiety and agitation.


  • Size: 432 x 432 x 100mm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Each Calendar Clock is Supplied individually boxed
  • Runs on 3 x AA batteries – supplied and fitted
  • The clock is set up and working when delivered

VAT Relief Eligible – No

Find has a full range of clocks which are incorporated into Orientation Boards allowing for additional information to be displayed.

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