Day/Night Personal Dry Wipe Orientation Board


Day Night Personal Dry Wipe Orientation Board has an easy to read clock face and lets the person know the time. It also keeps valuable information in one place.  The board is suppled with a set of inserts o indicate the day and date. It also has an area where personalised reminders, and key details. For example, important appointments or an activity that will be happening that day.


Day/Night Personal Dry Wipe Orientation Board


The clock is protected by a clear polycarbonate cover
Dry-wipe, non-reflective surface
Full set of card inserts for day and night, day/date/month
Dry-wipe pen supplied
420mm(h) x 594mm(w)


All information can be recorded in one place
A personal orientation board can be a great help when someone needs memory prompts or has difficulty discerning the time of day or weather
The dry-wipe area for leaving messages can be a valuable prompt for remembering simple but important things.

VAT Relief Eligible

Custom Options:

We manufacture every Day/Night Personal Dry Wipe Orientation Board to order we are happy to accommodate any specific alterations where possible. This can include the name of the home, colours used and the content within the display. Please get in touch for more information Contact Us

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