Day/Night Personal Orientation Clock


When sleep patterns and daily routines become disturbed because of dementia, and the times of the day become difficult to distinguish, it’s suddenly quite easy to become confused as to whether it is 5am or 5pm.

Look out of the window and they look just the same – so a little assistance can go a long way.

Find’s Day and Night Clock has a very clear, traditional, high-contrast analogue face that is easy to read, but critically it has the addition of a graphics display which clearly illustrates whether it is day time or night time.

By incorporating the clock into a durable non-reflective display board that incorporates an interactive calendar section you can help the user keep in touch with the day and time of year as well (Please note this will not be suitable to everyone, please assess needs before purchase)


Helps with orientation
Reduces anxiety and confusion
Helps to ensure important dates are remembered


Battery operated day/night analogue clock
Integral, hidden fixings
Dry-wipe, anti-bacterial surface
Choose your own background colour
Durable, non-reflective material with natural anti-bacterial properties.

Size: 525 x 370 x 18mm

Weight: 2kg

VAT Relief Eligible – No

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