Denim & Cord Fiddle Muff


Find Denim and Cord Fiddle Muff is an attractive, tactile, multi-sensory comforter with additional benefits. The soft, warm fabric is irresistibly tactile and made all the more interesting with attractive colours and additional features that keep fingers exercised and relieve tension and restlessness.

Sensory stimulation has been shown to not only bring enjoyment and fun to people living with dementia but also to fight anxiety and depression while increasing social interaction. Sensory stimulation can also help people stay independent for longer, promote understanding and a sense of belonging as well as help people express how they are feeling.

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Denim and Cord Material

Machine washable

Detachable parts

Size: 250mm wide x 200mm deep

Weight: 225gm (approx.)


Attractive for both males and females

Improved circulation

Owners are comforted and calmer

Multi-sensory stimulation

Keeps hands occupied

Can contribute to reduced medication

Provides a less-expensive, drug-free therapy option.

NOTE: Please assess user for suitability, Stress ball can easily detach or damage if put under stress.

VAT relief available – Yes

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