Door-Cals Hospital Door Coverings

Door-Cals that can help with your dementia strategy

Find’s Hospital Door-Cals are specifically designed for use in a Hospital environment. Easy to install the Door-Cals transform plain, flat doors into distinctive entrances to help with orientation.

By introducing Door-Cals into your dementia strategy you can enable someone who has difficulty, or lacks confidence identifying doors to easily find their desired destination. This will significantly reduce stress and associated issues

Let us know what colour you would like and the size of your doors (include measurements of any privacy windows) and we will send you all the information you need


What to consider when choosing your Door-Cal colour

When choosing colours for Door-Cals, contrast is a key consideration. Colours do not need to be bright and garish, but they should be distinguishable and contrast with the immediate surroundings. Door-Cals are fire-rated and laminated so they’re resilient to impact and chemical cleaning product.



Fire rating: Class 0

The materials used to manufacture Find Door-Cals carry a fire rating equivalent to the British ‘Class 0’ and complies with fire service recommendations

· wood-grain finish

· Self adhesive

· Wide choice of colours

· Specify your own colours with no additional cost

· Specify your own dimensions

VAT Relief Eligible – No

· Improved orientation

· Increased confidence

· More stimulating environment

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