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The bottom of a door is particularly vulnerable to accidental damage and can look unsightly very quickly. By using Kick Plates accidental damage can be prevented.

Find’s Kick Plates can be designed to either match or contrast with the door décor depending on the customer’s choice. They are particularly effective when used in conjunction with our Door-Cals and matched to the same colour so they are less obtrusive.

NB: Standard Kick Plate sizes are between 700 x 900mm anything outside of these sizes will be classed as bespoke and will need to be costed accordingly



• Protect a door from physical damage
• No more than 3mm thick
• Manufactured to order
• Screw-fixing or self-adhesive (recommended)
• Bespoke sizes are welcome by request


Using Kick Plates will protect any door from the damaged caused by trolleys, wheelchairs etc. The bottom of the doors are particularly vulnerable and give a bad impression if they are damaged and start to look unsightly.

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