Double Sided Toilet Flag Sign


For long or narrow corridors it can often be awkward to see a flat sign when it’s fixed to a door or wall until you are standing directly in front of it. This is where the flag sign is useful.

Projecting from the wall, this double-sided sign can be seen from further away and in both directions.


Dementia signage to aid wayfinding

Dementia signage is invaluable in care environments to help a person with dementia find their way.

Designed for use in longer, narrower corridors the double-sided toilet flag sign will help a person with dementia find their way to the bathroom without causing anxiety and stress.

  • Hygenus  – Created to meet infection control standards. It also uses a face fixing method which  make the product more secure.
  • All Find signage is made to order in our own factory. This allows for variations in design when required. If our standard products don’t meet your need, we can create custom designs to our customer’s specifications. Complete the form to find out more


400m long


The over-riding benefit of effective signage is people can find their way around an unfamiliar environment with minimal difficulty, stress and anxiety. This is of special relevance when someone has dementia or other conditions that affect cognitive and visual capabilities.

More about the importance of orientation can be found at the dementia centre

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