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Drinking Straw – One Way Valve


Finds Drinking Straw – One Way Valve aids a person with dementia to drink more.  The Drinking Straw – One Way Valve has been designed by Find to prevent the liquid flowing back into the cup once the person has stopped sucking. This not only encourages the person to drink more but also eliminates air being sucked into the stomach which can cause discomfort.

Hydration is essential to us all but especially to someone with dementia.  As dementia progresses and swallowing becomes more difficult a person with dementia may struggle to drink from a traditional cup, glass or straw.

  • Rigid design with valve fitted at the bottom of the straw
  • Design ensures that valve is not visible when it is in use The straw is rigid and the valve is fitted at the bottom of the straw and also prevents it from being withdrawn from our mug if used with the cap
  • Straw and valve can be separated and cleaned for multiple uses

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Drinking Straw – One Way Valve

The Drinking Straw With One Way Valve can be used with any vessel and is particularly beneficial when used with the Find Dining Mug with lid.

Everyone needs a healthy level of nutrition and hydration but for people who live with dementia it is vital.  Because insufficient nutrition and hydration levels lead to weight loss and dehydration. Other problems include exhaustion, loss of muscle strength and greater risk for infection and illness. Additionally, the symptoms of dementia can get significantly worse when a lack of nutrients causes increased confusion and difficulties with memory.


  • Improved hydration
  • Reduction in spills


  • Rigid plastic
  • Detachable valve to enable the straw to be cleaned and used multiple times
  • Size 170mm
  • Weight 28g

For more information regarding nutrition take a look at this article from the social care institute 

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