Find Dining Side Plate


The Find Dining Side Plate is manufactured from high-quality melamine, poles apart from the picnic-style products we have seen before.

One of the main challenges people with dementia face is issues with eating and drinking. As dementia progresses and co-ordination declines it can be a struggle to get a person with dementia to get enough food and fluids.

After 4 years of research Find Memory Care have produced a range of dementia-friendly crockery designed to aid nutrition and hydration.

Find’s Side Plate is manufactured from high-quality melamine making it lightweight and  shatterproof.  The Side Plate has a broad base for greater stability and a lipped rim to reduce spillage makes it perfect for any care setting or at home.

The colour of the Side Plate has been specifically chosen to stimulate interest in food (If the food is too close to the colour palette of the plate, someone with dementia may struggle to distinguish the contrast between the two and not realise there is food to be eaten) which in turn increases nutritional intake and reduces waste.

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Find Dining Side Plate has been designed for care settings where cognition, vision and dexterity are common problems.


Size W 18.8cm (wide rim 3cm) x D 2cm

High quality glazed melamine

Dishwasher safe – top shelf, max 60 degrees


Improved ability to see food

Easier manipulation of food

Increased nutritional intake

Dining rooms are quieter

More food eaten=Less waste

Improved health

Meal times can be more sociable and dignified

We aim to create better dementia care environments.

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