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Illuminated Interchangeable Window


Illuminated Interchangeable Window to Aid orientation and creates a point of interest.

For use in care facilities to aid orientation and create interest to otherwise uninteresting walls.  Use in long corridors or rooms with no external window or natural.

What is the Illuminated Interchangeable Window?

The Illuminated Interchangeable Window is a wall hanging frame.

Supplied with an LED lighting panel and four interchangeable graphic panels (The standard images four seasons, if you require different imagery, please talk to one of our experts).

How do we use the window in your care setting?

Use in long corridors without windows. One or more of the LED windows can be used along the corridor with pictures of local landmarks or street scenes, to create reminiscence opportunities and introduce light and interest

Use next to resident’s doors. Feature internal room style images for orientation.

Encourage the use of the outside space. If the residents can access outside space, using the window to depict the outside weather can encourage more outdoor time. While using a night-time view can help a person with dementia understand that it is bedtime and not a time to be venturing outdoors.

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An Illuminated Interchangeable Window helps to reduce levels of agitation by creating engaging dementia friendly environments in care homes and hospitals

It is important to realise that the immediate surroundings can have a significant impact on a residents’ quality of life. In fact, the right environment can help promote meaningful interaction and purposeful activities between the residents and the staff. In the same way,a bad environment can cause anxiety and stress.

Undoubtedly, understanding the residents’ beliefs and culture is an essential part to getting the environment right.


  • 4 x Slide In/Out graphic panel packs (For example – one for each season of the year.)
  • Available in brown or white.
  • Alternative graphic themes can be selected and purchased to add to the range as required.
  • Size: 650x650x40mm
  • Weight: 5500g
  • Power 40W

The Benefits

  • The dementia friendly Illuminated Interchangeable Window improves the well-being of the residents by creating/enhancing a focal point for activities and reminiscence
  • Improve residents’ mood by bringing more light to poorly lit areas and encouraging increased levels of exercise and social interaction
  • Help residents mark the time of the year with windows depicting the season
  • Reduce levels of agitation by creating engaging environments that offer appropriate levels of stimulation (and could help reduce issues around sun-downing)

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Weight 5.5 kg
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