LED Mood Lighting Panels


By the age of 75, a person requires twice as much light as the national lighting standards state and a person with dementia needs even more.  According to the DSDC, a person with dementia requires four times as much light as a 20-year-old.  Natural light is always the best option, however, many care settings are not designed to allow for this and to overcome some of the issues associated with reduced lighting levels, Find has developed LED mood lighting panels as an achievable and affordable alternative.

The mood panels work well in palliative and end of life care settings, where people lack mobility. They are also good to use as a way of reducing anxiety in some surgical settings and as the designs are bespoke could work well in pediatrics.

These lights have been installed at Bolton Hospital, Bradford Royal Infirmary, St Helier Hospital and Russells Hall Hospital.


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  • Increase levels of light in dark corridors and rooms with no or little natural light.
  • LED so low levels costs involved
  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective
  • Improved environment for people who are bed-bound or at end of life
  • Enhance the overall environment
  • Lights are also available in a frame for use on a solid ceiling


  • Each LED Printed Mood Lighting Panel measures 600x600mm.  36W, TP(a), UGR<19, 4K
  • LED Lighting panel with PowerMastert Triac Driver 45w for 600x600mm available
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