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Mobile Mini Bar

The Mobile Mini Bar is ideal for use where space is at a premium and versatile enough to be used in different areas of the building.

The unit can transform any room, particularly if used with a mural to help set a scene and orientate residents.

More than just a bar, many of our customers have used it in a dining room or café during the day to serve snacks. Or, in the evening as a bar, where residents can have a drink before or after their evening meal. It has even been used as a shop counter and in a hair salon!

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When space is at a premium the Mobile Mini Bar perfect, and versatile enough to be used in different areas of the building.

Many people in your care facility will have regularly visited a pub or social club in their weekly routine. As pre-dinner drink or Saturday night entertainment, can help create great social interaction opportunities.

Easily identifiable items of furniture like the Mobile Mini Bar can support independence and aid orientation for those living with dementia.

The Mobile Mini Bar’s safe, uncomplicated design is an attractive way to introduce real, interactive elements. And can be used in so many ways to benefit residents.


  • A pub quiz is a fabulous reminiscence opportunity.
  • Position the Bar near a large TV and use it for sporting events. Organise and advertise weekly events. Settle everyone with a drink before the start and use the time as a reminiscence opportunity.
  • A Mobile Mini Bar is fabulous to use at parties and celebrations. Try to plan at least one festivity per month to ensure using the room becomes an integral part of life in the home
  • Book some entertainment and enjoy a good old fashioned sing-along
  • Play a game of dominoes
  • Dress up and organise an evening of dancing
  • Encourage residents to gather near the Mobile Mini Bar to talk together

Engaged people are more settled and need less support. These Activities may even be enjoyable for staff too!

  • Standard size – 880mm (w) x 580mm (d) x 1880mm9h)
  • Weight 56kg
  • Wood finish
  • Two height surfaces for 3 beer glasses and 7 wine glass
  • Two shelves
  • Comes with castors to make moving the bar easy
  • Personalisation of the name available


Easily identifiable items of furniture like the mobile mini bar can support independence, orientation, reduce agitation, create interest and help give a person a sense of purpose.



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