Personal Orientation Board with Inserts


The Personal Orientation Board works as a memory prompt for all manner of events. It provides the time as well as the day and date, but crucially not the year. There is a dry wipe area for leaving notes and reminders with the dry wipe pen supplied as well as an area for an insert. The insert should contain vital information which cannot be erased and is there to assist anyone in an emergency situation that may need crucial information.


A personal orientation board can be a great help when someone needs memory prompts or has difficulty orientating to the time of day.
The dry-wipe area for leaving messages can be a valuable prompt for remembering simple but important things.
The insert section allows the secure display of information which someone might need in an emergency.


Clock with German electronic movement
The clock is protected by a clear polycarbonate cover
Dry-wipe, non-reflective surface
Full set of card inserts for the day/date/month
Dry-wipe pen supplied
420mm(h) x 594mm(w)

Vat relief is available on this product

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