Punch and Judy Stand


The Punch and Judy stand brings enjoyment and happy memories to any care setting

Find’s full-size Punch and Judy stand is popular in Care Homes across the UK and has brought back many happy memories of childhood days at the seaside.

Used alongside seaside murals the Punch and Judy stand helps to bring a bit of the outside in and encourages a social environment in which residents can reminisce, chat and be entertained.

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How to incorporate your Punch and Judy stand into your care setting:

Set up a sandpit with buckets and spades and set about making sandcastles
Play “Touring England” and reminisce about past holidays or for the more active have a game of Ring Toss
Have fish and chips for lunch and ice creams for an afternoon snack
Organise a traditional Punch and Judy show
Hold painting classes themed “at the seaside” and encourage residents to talk about days out when they were younger
Create a rummage chest and fill it with shells, pebbles, postcards and souvenirs
Create coloured sand jars filled with layers of different coloured sands


Size [width, height, depth] 820x2040x495 mm
The Punch and Judy stand has a side opening where the puppeteer can enter to put on a show.

(Puppets not included)


Reliable way-finding landmark
Adds authenticity to a themed environment
An interactive point of interest

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