Roller Mural Blind and Motorised Unit


RollerMurals offer a quick and easy way to transform a ward/room or a communal area.

The RollerMural from Find is ideal for use when a non-permanent display is required, to cover unsightly wall fixtures or areas that cannot be moved but may cause distraction.

Available in three widths 2m, 2.5m and 3m and a standard drop of 2250 – 2400mm. They are supplied complete and ready to use including a back panel and canopy, all you have to do is fix it to the wall.

Also unlike other RollerMurals on the market Find’s mural comes with remote control, eliminating the potential hazards associated with chains or cords.

The RollerMural helps you create a new theme whenever you need it

The RollerMural has been used in many care settings to temporarily assign a theme to a room, support activities or to hide areas that may be a distraction to residents, patients or visitors.

If you want to change your display it couldn’t be easier with the RollerMural as the mural itself is interchangeable which means you do not have to buy a completely new system. You can purchase a new mural and attach it to the unit.

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RollerMural Blind & Motorised Motor

To complement the murals we recommend adding related products that fit the theme of your mural, so the mural is setting the scene for a real, interactive experience.

  •  Class 0 fire rating
  • Fully remote control operation – no cords or chains
  • Integral, rechargeable Li batteries – charger is included
  • Fully interchangeable blinds allow for seasonal themes and a variety of activities
  • The standard drop height is 2250 – 2400mm

Not every care facility has space for a wall mural. The RollerMural is a perfect solution when space is at a minimum. It has all of the benefits of a standard wall mural and enables the environment to be changed easily to suit the residents/patients or theme you wish to create.

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