Roller Mural Replacement Blind


RollerMural replacement blind allows you to change the theme of your existing Roller Mural unit without purchasing a completely new unit helping to create dementia-friendly environments

As with the existing mural all you need to do is decide on the theme you wish to create, tell us the size of your existing unit and we can do the rest.

The RollerMural is a perfect solution when space is at a minimum. It has all the benefits of a standard wall mural, but it enables the environment to be changed easily to suit the theme you wish to create.

How do I change my RollerMural graphic?

Its’ quite simple – Simply pop the original blind out of the brackets and replace with the new one.

Tip: Why not store your old graphics for future use so you can change between your graphics when you like.


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Class 0 fire rating

Fully remote control operation – no cords or chains

Integral, rechargeable Li batteries – charger is included

Fully interchangeable blinds allow for seasonal themes and a variety of activities

The standard drop height is 2250 – 2400mm

The full RollerMural units can be found here 

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