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Standard Plus Toilet Seat


Standard Plus Toilet Seat is vandal resistant and ideally suited to lower use facilities for example someone’s own home  or facilities where abuse and regular replacements might be expected.

The Standard Plus Toilet seat is produced in 3 colours red, blue and Slate Grey and comes as standard with Sta-tite fixings to secure the seat and ensure it never comes loose.

  • Bright contrasting colour; reminds people with cognitive loss of the purpose of the toilet/bathroom
  • Can help reduce confusion and distress when visiting the toilet
  • Lowers the chance of “accidents” in the bathroom or around the home
  • Made from tecnoplast, a high-quality polypropylene that’s hard-wearing and easy to clean


Standard Plus Toilet Seat 

The standard plus toilet seat supports Find’s toilet strategy of always using highly visible, high contrast colour to establish a clear route to the toilet, and once there, to use the same principles to ‘decipher’ that environment by making the important things like grab rails and the toilet itself, easier to see. This boosts confidence and independence as well as helping to maintain or restore dignity.

Distinguishing colours and awareness can become an issue for a person with dementia

Dementia and bathroom accidents can be minimalised. We take finding the toilet for granted yet we’ve all experienced the stress and anxiety of needing the toilet and not being able to locate one. When dementia is involved, the frustrations are multiplied many times over with raised agitation, anxiety, stress and depression all adding to the problem.

The reason people with dementia can experience difficulties with using the toilet, in some cases, is because of a medical condition such as a urinary tract infection, constipation caused by a poor diet or dehydration and side effects from certain medication to name a few. But, in other situations, it could be that they are not able to find, recognise, or use the toilet.

  • All our Standard Plus Toilet Seats are more visible and easier to locate
  • Promotes confidence in ‘aiming’ and sitting down
  • Better visibility prevents people from falling over the toilet
  • Available in 3 colours – Red, Blue and Slate Grey
  • Virtually unbreakable thermoplastic
  • 100% recyclable
  • New machined metal hinges
  • Weight: 1.2kg

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Weight 1 kg
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