Throw and Tell Ball


Stimulating interaction with someone who has dementia can be difficult. Especially when it’s someone the carer knows nothing about.

The “Throw and Tell” Ball can turn this vital role into an enjoyable and fruitful activity with a multitude of additional benefits.

A simple way to break the ice in any one-to-one or group activity the ball is full of questions about likes/dislikes and everyday experiences that everyone will have an answer for.

The Ball is filled with a soft lightweight synthetic filling.

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How it works

The beauty of this game is its simplicity – catch the ball and answer one of the questions by one of your thumbs. The questions have been carefully chosen such that anyone will have an answer that relates to them personally, whether it’s their favourite biscuit or something they did as a child for example.

These questions work like a key to unlock memories that lead to more detailed discussions and will inevitably involve sharing great memories and reminiscence about things the participant’s value and enjoy.

  • Encourages people to discuss familiar, comfortable information that is unique to them
  • Enables people to express meaningful, personal preferences in a no-pressure situation
  • Prompts unchallenging interaction
  • Promotes physical movement and hand-eye coordination
  • Generates information carers can utilise to make people happier and more comfortable

Size: 6” / 150mm diameter

Weight: 132g

VAT Relief Eligible – No


“We introduced the ball onto the residential and nursing units and they have gone down well with staff and residents. Not all residents can read the question so we help when needed, but this has sparked some good conversations. The size of the ball makes it easy to catch so everyone can join in.”
Sue Goodrich, Activity Coordinator Prince George Duke of Kent Court

“The ball has generated a lot of laughter. We even used it at a conference to explore the group. When using the ball we learned one lady loved to watch Coronation Street and her favourite biscuit was a chocolate digestive. Including this information in a person’s care plan is invaluable.”
Geraldine Rodgers, Nurse Consultant North East London NHS Foundation Trust


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