Toilet Sign – Dementia Signage


To buy Find’s Toilet sign please make your selections using the drop-down menus below.

Manufactured with Class 1 fire-rated materials

  • Standard – 12mm signage designed for care homes
  • Hygenus – 5mm signage designed for hospital use

Dementia toilet signs are essential in any care environment

Finds Toilet Sign is available in different colours, and sizes. Designed with easy-to-read text and pictures to aid wayfinding and independence

Find Signage is the original design created specifically for the cognitive issues typically experienced by people with dementia.

Find’s Toilet sign’s appearance is unique and is constructed from high-quality material. A  robust, non-reflective, anti-bacterial sign designed to withstand all the rigours of the most demanding care environments.

Investing in Find signage is the most cost-effective, long-term solution for providing reliable, visual orientation aids.

Standard – Our original dementia-specific signage designed for Care Home use. It has every design feature we would seek to incorporate into a truly dementia-specific product. It’s a tough, non-reflective, clear, tactile sign that communicates it’s a message in several different ways that all make it easier to understand. In a choice of three different sizes, this is the most effective and reliable product for long term performance in a care home setting.
Hygenus – The sign has all the same features as the Standard product but is specifically for hospital use employing materials to meet infection control standards. It also uses a face fixing method with Poly-cap coloured screws making the product more secure in difficult environments.

All Find signage is made to order in our own factory. This allows for variations in design when required. If our standard products don’t meet your need, we can create custom designs to our customer’s specifications. Contact us to find out more

Standard and Hygenus signage is manufactured with Class 1 fire rated materials

VAT Relief Eligible – Yes

Where would you use Dementia Signage?

Dementia signage should be used in any public space. Find offers a full range of dementia-friendly signage to aid wayfinding.

The Benefits of Dementia Signage

 The over-riding benefit of effective signage is people can find their way around an unfamiliar environment with minimal difficulty, stress and anxiety. This is of special relevance when someone has dementia or other conditions that affect cognitive and visual capabilities.

More about the importance of orientation can be found at the dementia centre


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